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Formula of Multiple Angle

In this article we will learn about Multiple Angle

Sin2θ= 2SinθCosθCos2θ= Cos²θ-Sin²θCos2θ= 2Cos²θ-1Cos2θ= 1-2Sin²θ1+Cos2θ= 2Cos²θ1-Cos2θ= 2Sin²θTan²θ= (1-Cos2θ)/(1+Cos2θ)Sin2θ= (2Tanθ)/(1+Tanθ)Cos2θ= (1-Tan²θ)/(1+Tan²θ)Tan2θ= (2Tanθ)/(1-Tan²θ)Sin3θ= 3Sinθ-4Sin³θCos3θ= 4Cos³θ-3CosθTan3θ= (3Tanθ-tan³θ)/(1-3Tan²θ) I hope you have find this article helpful. If you like this article then you can share this article with your friends also you can Subscribe to our blog. I will try to update all useful Mathematical Formula. Thanks for reading this article.

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