Formula of Profit and Loss

In this article we will learn about Profit and Loss

If, S.P denotes Selling Price
C.P=> Cost Price

Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss


  • Gain=S.P-C.P
  • Loss=C.P-S.P
  • Loss or Gain is always reckoned on C.P
  • Gain% = [Gain×100/C.P]
  • Loss% = [Loss×100/C.P]
  • Selling Price (S.P) = [(100+Gain%)/100 ×C.P]
  • Selling Price (S.P) = [(100-Loss%)/100 ×C.P]
  • Cost Price (C.P) = [(100/100+Gain%) ×S.P]
  • Cost Price (C.P) = [(100/100-Loss%) ×S.P]

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