Formula of Transformation

In this article we will learn about Transformation


  • SinC+SinD= 2Sin(C+D/2)Cos(C-D/2)
  • SinC-SinD= 2Cos(C+D/2)Sin(C-D/2)
  • CosC+CosD= 2Cos(C+D/2)Cos(C-D/2)
  • CosC-CosD= 2Sin(C-D/2)Sin(D-C/2)
  • 2SinACosB=Sin(A+B)+Sin(A-B)
  • 2CosASinB=Sin(A+B)-Sin(A-B)
  • 2CosACosB=Cos(A+B)+Cos(A-B)
  • 2SinASinB=Cos(A-B)-Cos(A+B)

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